Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bubba's Bday - at school

KB and I took goodies to Bubba's class on Tuesday (he was at the doctor on Monday). We arrived while the class was on the playground and KB was thrilled to get to play with "Bubby". When the teacher called for them to line up KB jumped right in and walked with the class of 7 boys right into the school and into the bathroom. I called her out and we excused ourselves to wait in the classroom.

Snack time was party time and there was a special hat the teachers made for Bubba. Everyone sang to him (including himself) and there is nothing quite like hearing a class of boys with speech problems singing Happy Birthday to bring a tear to one's eyes. This is Bubba singing and clapping.

Once the cookies were handed out, I saw that KB had made herself at home by pulling up a chair for herself at the class table.

She fit right in and did great - - until the guy in the red shirt, to her left, kept nudging her and she had enough!

Check out that scowl! Awesome.

Bubs handled the whole intrusion to his day quite well. I was thankful. He is growing so much and it makes my heart just ache. Deep breath - calm down - he is only four.

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