Saturday, August 22, 2009

Such a Sweet Reminder

This was a big weekend for Honey. The new students have arrived for the upcoming semester at the seminary. Last night the President welcomed them with a reception and this morning was orientation and a barbecue.

It has been a hard weekend at home. I have had the kids by myself while Honey worked, of course. Bubba has been in rare form and I can't figure out what is actually the problem; Little has said, "I don't WANT to do it!!" and "Get away from me" more times than I can count; KB has said my name an equal amount of times, no doubt. I have been angry to the point of excusing myself from the room and I have used a harsher tone than I care to admit. I fled the scene this afternoon and our "Cushman" (her surname and what the children call her) came to stay with the kids and give me a break to refocus.

Times like this it is easy for me to begin believing lies about what the Father thinks of me. I wonder if He REALLY loves me; if my circumstances are a sick joke.

Just moments ago Honey stopped reading long enough to tell me he discovered today that one of the new seminary students has a son in Little's new Kindergarten class. Wow! What a joy for me. In that little class there is (at least) one other family that shares our values and convictions. I was hoping for that. Such a sweet reminder that the TRUTH is my God DOES love me. He is working all things together for good. This world is broken but His love is not.


This Place is a Disaster! said...

Today, and even this week, I feel like I have failed my children.

I have to remind myself in a circular motion that I need to love my children as HE loves me.

Right now, I resolve to be better tomorrow.

~Mad said...

We are broken - and He loves us all the more. Good that you got a break - wise move.
You're a wonder, Becky!
Love, ~Mad