Friday, August 28, 2009

Bedtime reading

A couple nights ago I had the thought, "If another child crawls on me, falls on me, or sits on me I am going to lose it for good." So, when it came time for bed I just said, "Climb up on the couch. DADDY is going to read to you." And he did.

It was funny to watch . . . and sweet. Little looked at pictures in another book the entire time, but I bet she could tell you everything he said. Bubba hung on Honey's arm and every word. KB got up and down off the couch twice - no clue what made it into her little brain. All the while Honey read about God creating the heaven's and the earth - he never skipped a beat. Each day of creation and how God called it good. Never a pause. That was the funny part. Bubba's joy at reading with his Daddy was the sweet part.
(And KB in footy pajamas)


amy said...

have SO had those days. :)

Allison said...

this picture confirms that our family worship is really a 3 ring circus w/ a glorified name! at least 2 of 3 are sitting!!! have i mentioned i love that book/bible!