Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birmingham - Day 2

I am sure you are having a hard time believing I am only on day 2 of our time in Alabama! So much fun already, eh? Well, day 2 was Sunday and such a joy.

All the girlies went to church in matching dresses that memom had sewn for them.

The service was wonderful. The singing was super. The sermon was good. It was wonderful to be in our "home church". One of the special blessings was the Sunday school class that Bubba and Little attended. This church has a ministry to special needs folks called Special Connections and it is top notch.

That night was the big celebration! I think my brother was a bit scared we were going to embarrass him (he turned 40, you know), but we had only fun times planned.

Of course there were t-shirts:

(Have I mentioned that his hair isn't usually that color?)

There was a BINGO type game for the kids to play (first to get an Andy).

My sister summoned her inner Cheely and led us through a generation specific game of Jeopardy. It was SO FUN. (The winners are still up for debate.)

I had contacted MANY of Andy's friends on Facebook and set up an online number they could call to leave birthday messages. I compiled and edited them and we played "This is Your Life". Andrew had to guess who the caller was. It was so fun to watch him listen and the lights to come on (for most of them, anyway).

My mom pulled the whole thing together. She is something else, I tell you. Her brother and his family were there. Her cousin and his wife too. Posters were clever sayings about being 40 covered the walls - so funny. There was barbecue and cake and presents. Good times. Made 40 look kinda fun.

I love you, Andy. I am thankful for you.


Debbie said...

It sounds like a Cheely party from start to finish! What fun for everyone! Andy seems to have enjoyed himself and you only have to wait a few more years until you get to enjoy one like that for YOU :).

~Mad said...

I "get" his tee shirt - but for the life of me cannot figure your out....and I dense?


Allison said...

I think you've mentioned once or twice about his hair!!! I loved the phone message idea!