Tuesday, July 14, 2009

April in July

Photo taken July 18, 2004

Tonight, July 14, 2009, I went out with my friend April.  Neither of us look like this photo.  She is way pregnant and I have gotten alot more sleep recently than I had in this picture! 

April has been a friend a loooong time and tonight was an example of why.  April is easy.  Easy to talk to, listen to, laugh with, be oneself with.  I love April.

When I got home, Honey asked what we talked about and I got tickled at the broad scope of topics.  What a truly fun evening.  Thanks, friend.


april said...

Loved, loved, loved spending time with you! Thanks for a sweet evening. Oh, and I told you my face is now fat! Just look at this picture! Love you, dear!

Nicole said...

so happy to find out (on your blog) that April is having a baby! :)