Thursday, February 5, 2009


I need major music mojo.
I used to know what was what in the music world - and I still can hold my own in some areas BUT I couldn't tell you a thing about what is hot and what is not in the Christian Music arena. I need help.

If I were going to download three songs and you got to pick the three, what would they be??

Comment now. . .


Melissa said...

Speaking of - A friend of mine once had a tape of Christian music and we never knew who sang the songs, but we loved them! One of the songs words were "he is the man, the maker, the miracle. And he came to walk the path that leads back home. And as I follow Him, The one that knew no sin, I will become like God above . . "
So, does this sound familiar to anyone? I have looked and looked for the lyrics online to find out who it is and I have only hit dead end after another.
Does anyone have any help?

Jawan said...

It was hard to choose but these are currently on my playlist and what I am constantly listening to.

1. The Glory of the Cross, by Sovereign Grace Music

2. The Power of the Cross, by Keith and Kristyn Getty

3. Untitled Hymn (AKA Come to Jesus), by Chris Rice

4. I just had to add one more because anything this band, ACT OF CONGRESS, does makes me happy. Adam, the lead singer, is a friend of mine (PCA worship guy at our church in MOODY). The third verse of this song is the best. Click on song #3 on their playlist, Love Comes Free

annaj said...

Google these and see what you like:
Jeremy Camp - There Will Be a Day
Anything by NeedtoBreathe
MercyMe - You Reign
Addison Road - Hope Now
*Natalie Grant - Our Hope Endures
Third Day - Revelation

These are some of the most popular right now.

Anonymous said...

sandra mccraken's - builder and the architect.
casting crowns - the alter and the door
sara groves - tell me what you know
andrew peterson - anything of his is awesome
chris tomlin - see the morning
the fray - both their albums are good
glory revealed album - various artists..all good

enjoy some awesome music

BKicklighter said...

Melissa - I, of course, have no idea. I tried to look around for that and came up empty too. Let us know if you find it!!

Anonymous said...

Untitled Hymn is a must by Chris Rice...I even got Carley to sing it its wonderful

I also like his "What if Cartoons got Saved" or "Cartoons" Its hilarous...

Emily in Laurens

Anonymous said...

Oh and Bebo Norman...the Hammer Holds- GREAT!

Dan said...

When I want to get movin' and motivated often the best answer for me is a little dance music. That's how I roll. Here's my recent faves:

Around the Bend by Asteriods Galaxy
Keeps Gettin' Better by Christina Aguilera
Mercy by Duffy (not really dance)

Tracie said...

I love this song by Mary Mary - Shackles. I also love this song but it is sad!

This is a good Mercy Me tune too -

I love Casting Crowns! Who Am I, Praise You In This Storm and others.

I also like Toby Mac - Hip Hop Christian! He has a sampling of his songs on his website. I like Lose My Soul.

This link has a lot of the top Christian songs playing now on the airwaves -

Hope this helps! There are also a lot of mainstream group that have Christian-themed lyrics. U2 has a lot, The Fray, Switchfoot...

april said...

Starfield - Reign in Us

I think you would really like this song. Heard it OMPC last weekend and LOVED it!

amy said...

add to the beauty is one of my faves right now by sara can get it free off of cd is art, justice, music.

mighty to save by laura story

healer by planetshakers

welcome in this place by hillsong (oh yeah, not feelin' bound by the three!)

never let go by david crowder nice to just rest in.

Anonymous said...

Anything by Chris Tomlin! His CD "arriving" is WAY cool!

Stacy R.

Scott Peterson said...

@Melissa - I *love* that CD! It's "The Man, The Maker, The Miracle" by Dustin Simpson. Hard to find nowadays, but worth it!

Anonymous said...

Melissa - you're looking for "The Man, The Maker, The Miracle" by Dustin Brown. Excellent taste in music!