Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Night - At Wal-Mart

Two nights after Christmas and all through the store, 
the aisles they were silent - except maybe four.
I was working the cig aisle, wearing navy blue
and selling so many storage bins I didn't know what to do.
When out came the gift cards to buy cigarettes with -
Unsuspecting relatives giving death as a gift.
Seven o'clock could not come too soon at all 
and I dashed away to my car as the rain it did fall.

Thank you.
Thank you.


Allison said...

Cute poem! You you're done? Yippee for you. now you can have your saturdays back!

Anonymous said...

Cute!! Sounds like the murmurings of a very tired mother/wife/hostess/employee. Sleep well. MM

Alicia Bradley said...

Is it possible to laugh and cry about the same thing?

What a spectacularly creative mind you have!

anna said...

Why is it that you are always having to work the cig. aisle?! There is so much more to be had at Wally World than cigarettes!