Sunday, November 30, 2008

Walmart Questions Answered

I have been asked a couple things and I wanted to get the answers out before I forget. The folks who asked have probably already forgotten.

1. I get NO discount. You get a discount after 90 days. Yes, they have hired me for 90 days. Drat.

2. You steal 10 gallons of paint by walking into the store, going to the paint department, putting 10 gallons of paint into your buggy, and then walking to the customer service desk and trying to return them with an "oh, I lost my receipt". Ding Dong (him, not you).

3. Our cigarettes sell from anywhere between $1.91 and $3.78 a pack.

Anything else?


annaj said...

has anyone cussed at you yet?

Anonymous said...

i doubt it...she probably rings her costumers up when the put their stuff on the counter