Friday, July 11, 2008

Camp's Over

My Little girl loved camp. Not only was she a big hit with the counselors, they were a big hit with her too! She had opportunities to do things so many kids her age haven't done. I am very grateful -- VERY grateful.

Here are some photos - I was given a CD when I picked her up today. I was also shown a photo of her petting a boa constrictor but it is still on the lady's camera. I have given her my email address and I'll share that one with you WHEN (not if) I get it.

The thing that strikes me as funny is this: they did rock wall climbing yesterday but only let those 6 and over participate. I had told Little that they were going to climb the rock wall (because I had not been told of the age restrictions) and so she apparently talked about it all day. As the day drew to a close, Little's counselor approached the "rock wall guy" and asked if he would please let Little have a turn. Her comment was, "I feel certain her mom wouldn't mind." So, there was concern over whether or not I would mind my daughter climbing a rock wall while completely strapped in and held by an adult but there was NO concern about whether or not I would mind her interaction with a boa constrictor. SERIOUSLY!! Funny thing is, I was/am not concerned about either. I am THRILLED she got to do both and a bit jealous that I wasn't there to do either :)

"Thank you, Variety!!"

And now photos:


Allison said...

Looks like she had so much fun- so glad she got to go, she is a doll!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Yea for Little.--Marcie

Debbie said...

What a great week for her! Looks like fun!

Nicole said...

Now little has done something I hope never to do-get anywhere near a boa constrictor!!

lauren said...

i want to go to that camp-sheesh! she looks like she had a BLAST!