Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Can't BEELEEVE this!!!

It is too late in the night for something like this. EVERYONE is asleep and that means I cannot yell, "What the heck?" to my husband or speed dial my mom with a "Can you believe this!" And so I blog.

I was reading through my regular blogs and came across a post named, "What to Wear - Garage Sale Shopping" There is an ADORABLE outfit shown with links for each item of clothing. First of all I have NEVER looked that cute going to Garage Sales - who wants to look like they can pay top price for any item displayed on any given lawn? Second, these PRECIOUS shoes shown are listed innocently enough as "skimmers" - to be worn to before mentioned lawn strewn sale. But if you go to the link you find that they are Kate Spoede shoes that sell for $299.00!

"What the heck?"
"Can you believe this??"

Who goes to garage sales in $300 shoes? Who needs to go to garage sales if they can buy $300 YELLOW shoes???

I'm going to bed. (I have to wake up early, throw on cut offs and a tshirt and my $7 "skimmers" from Walmart to go to a garage sale tomorrow at 8:00AM!)

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