Thursday, April 3, 2008

Free Adventure

One of my "freebies" came today. Yes, I have gotten in to signing up for free stuff online and, well, one came today that I am so excited about.

The company is called "Brighter Vision" and you have to go check it out. I signed up for Bubba - entered his age, etc. and his pack came today. There is a hardback book On The Farm, a cd with farm songs, a farm craft, and a farm game (puzzle game). SO MUCH FUN!!! There is a sheet included to suggest how to use all the contents.

So this pack was completely free and if I don't cancel they will send another pack every month for $15.99 (plus $1.99 shipping). That's really not so bad. And if it stretches you a bit, what a great gift for a grandparent to give!

Either way - go sign up for your freebie! Well worth the time typing.


boosmom said...

These are the GREATEST packages! I signed GA up when she was 3 and we used them EVERY month! It really helped prepare her for PreK and above! Such fun activites, in a ready to do box...great activities for she and Daddy, she LOVED to listen to the CD's in the car and we STILL have the hardback books today. You can't beat ALL that you get in the package for the price. A hardback book alone costs that much! Love y'all! Lynette

Amanda said...

I just signed up! YAY!