Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just another "kickin" day!

Just when you thought you had had enough - Bubba goes OCD on us again. I walked around the corner today and saw this image in Little's room; only the rainbow of plates totaled eight when I first saw it.
By the time I got my camera and got back, he had started "the stacking").

Next, we pulled out a Christmas gift today. Yes, several gifts were put away into mommy's closet after the abundance of Christmas and boy am I thankful. After so many weeks shut up in the house, a new amusement was necessary. My question is, how is it that this toy is so captivating? The cars go back and forth, back and forth. Simplicity at it's finest. You would have thought I gave my kids the moon!
KB spent the day kickin' it with the big girl toys. That's right we tried out the jumper. . .
. . . and the exersaucer. . .

I think the big girls toys might need another week or two before they "fit".

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