Saturday, September 24, 2011

Something I Thought I Would NEVER Do. . .

Oh, calm down! It's not like I went to a Tea Party demonstration or streaked through Forest Park.  This is much smaller in scope but demonstrates just what a Pharisee I really am.  So, what did I do? I picked up this moppy haired little kid from school:

and took him to lunch.  No big deal, right? The other thing we did  left him looking like this when he returned to school: 

Yep - I took my kid out of school for a haircut.  
I feel like such a rebel.
Living on the edge.
Humor me.


hjones said...

When my girls were little, I would, a couple of times a year, keep them out of school just for a day with me. They (40-ish now) still remember those precious days.

Julia said...

Nice bowl cut!

MTWAmy said...

Haha, Becky, I think it's hilarious that when I read this post, over on the right side there is an advertisement for "the best haircuts in Tokyo"!!?? Sometimes those ads are really overly intuitive for me! And i think it's great you took him out of school for whatever! Enjoy doing it while #1. they are still young enough to be able to afford the absence and #2. to want to be with you instead of friends at school!! Hugs from Nagoya!