Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It All Must Be Said/Saved

So, it is obvious that school has started back because I have had no time to blog. The first two/three weeks of school are so tough for me. I am a schedule girl and hammering out all the details of our schedule takes a bit of time. It seems the last details have fallen into place and tomorrow will be our test run and glimpse of what could become a well oiled machine.

During these weeks of transition there have been some doozies around here and I actually have texted myself twice, left a message on my own cell phone, AND written two notes on scrap paper to help me remember what I wanted to type! Of course, in true "new Becky" form, I have lost the notes and deleted the messages. I'm winging it. You will think what I remember is hilarious, AND I just don't want to forget them long term. Here we go. . .

1. Little found my labeler and I had the privilege of introducing her to the joy it provides. She proceeded to put her name on every computer toy she has. All my labeler tape is gone but she has also stopped yelling "It's MINE" as often!

2. Bubba ate poop off the floor. It was awful. He and KB came walking into my room - KB with something in her hand and Bubba with something in his teeth. Once we got his mouth washed out, KB's hand's clean, and passed the danger of barfing on each other I learned that he "thought it was a dried cereal bar". The hilarious part was him adding in straight monotone, "it was not."

3. Leaving the driveway last week Little said, "There goes the swing set." I responded with, "Yep. There is goes." She just kept on talking, "Maybe daddy and Mr. Meyer could take that swing set down and we could get a new pink one with white seats and a pink bar." And then her voice went up an octave (which it does when she prays) and I heard her quietly say, "Dear Jesus, Will you please give us a house of our own so we can have a new pink swing set with white seats and a pink bar. Aaaaamen." I'll keep you posted *wink*.

4. KB was in her car seat holding Baby, her baby doll, and I kept hearing her say, "Mama. Mama. Maaama." I finished what I was doing and said said, "What, KB?" Her response? "No, Mom. She is talking to ME." That's my imaginative child right there.

5. Bubba paused before getting out of the car at school and said, "Mom, Kindergarten is really hard work."

6. Honey is allergic to cats and dogs (and a gazillion other things) AND our lease says we can't have pets. I'm okay with that at this stage of life. KB let her feelings be known today when she said, "Mom - I wish we could have a house with no Mr. Meyer and no innergies."

7. We listen to "Mighty To Save" at least three times every morning on the way to school and Laura Story's name gets thrown around quite readily. Honey met her a few weeks ago when she was in town and I told the kids that she is singing at a conference I am going to in October. Definite cool points for the parents. Anyway, I was singing along with Laura yesterday and Bubba says, "Leave the singing to Laura Story, mom." Great.

8. Bubba is developing the cutest sense of humor. I can't remember what he said (it was on the paper I lost) but it's really cute.  He's funny.

9. We had communion on Sunday and the children came back from children's worship to sit with us. As the bread was passed the children whispered and asked me what it was - I explained and they all asked to touch it. Gross, but whatever. Then the juice came and Little asked when she was going to get to have bread and juice. I leaned over and said that one day, when she was ready to recognize that she's a sinner and trust Jesus' forgiveness through his death on the cross, we would talk about it again. Well, I barely got that out of my mouth with Little cried out (at quite a volume, I might add), "But I'm a sinner NOOOOOOW."

10. After three days in Kindergarten Bubba says (as he rolls over and goes to put his THUMB IN HIS MOUTH), "I like Josie Heefner more every day. I am going to dream about her tonight. I am going to dream she is playing Mayan Puzzle." His favorite girl + his favorite game = sweet dreams.

Hope you have sweet dreams tonight too. . .


Jawan said...

I love me some "Mighty to Save" but if I have to play that track one more time in the car drive every day, I'm gonna.....well, somebody save me!

Can't wait to see you in October!

Julia said...

Great post but all I can think about is the POOP entry! I guess you can figure out where my maturity level is or isn't!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome! Isn't it amazing the variety of the list that we can produce when we tell about our weeks :)

Debbie said...

Lots of excitement at your house :). Your kids keep me smiling!

LAR said...

Fabulous stuff Becky! I am about to fall out of my desk chair! Leigh Ann Reese