Friday, August 5, 2011

What's Interesting on Pinterest

Just thought I would share a little eye candy for you folks who haven't joined the Pinterest wagon yet. I just love how it sparks my own creativity.

Like this: It might take 30 minutes to make but save so much in clean up time.

There is very little that needs to be said about how adorable this is:

Christmas card ideas are just popping all around in my head now:

As part of a Groupon I got a ring of paint chips (it's a lot to explain). Anyway, now I have an idea of what to do with them:

Scrabble tile cookies! Have you ever in your life. . .

What kid wouldn't LOVE this:

Such a doable idea for a table setting!

So there you go. That should keep your mind busy for awhile.
Want an invitation to Pinterest? Write me and let me know!


Julia said...

Some people have waaaay tooo much time on their hands. I wonder if they would use their creative gifts to help fix our economy? They probably would get it done over a weekend (crop to you drop style) and create a how to manual along the way and post it on Etsy!

Denise said...

Amen to Julia's comment!
You should gather all your ideas and sell in a booth at the Festival of Little Hills. They are all so cute!