Friday, August 12, 2011

Six Somethings

1.  "When Captain America throws his mighty shield all those who chose to oppose his shield will yield!" This makes much more since now that I've seen Captain America in action.  Fun film - didn't love the ending.

2.  Have you ever noticed how many songs on Christian radio are about God' character as it relates to me? So the song is actually about me.  I've just been noticing.

3.  I turned to KB today and told her, "I'm going to miss you while you are at school this year."  She looked back at me and said, "It's going to be okay, Mom.  God is with me wherever I go."  Then, in true VBS tradition, she yelled out, "Thank you, God!"  Love it.

4.  At a friend's house this week Bubba and KB joined Drake in performing a "show."  What this consisted of was Drake hitting a chair with a drumstick, KB pretending to play guitar, and Bubba dancing while singing, "Loser Like Me."  It was cute.

5.  At the same house we played Xbox Kinect - Dance Central I believe it was.  The kids did great and then Amy had to go and challenge me to a Dance Battle and I, of course, accepted.  One step was out to the left then out to the right while you pump your arms a certain way, etc.   I was doing fine until my second step right and it felt like something tore in my calf muscle.  Turns out it did.  Not all the way through (thank you, Lord) but enough that I was off my foot for the next day and had ice on it and doctor prescribed muscle relaxers.  The doctor actually guessed how I got the injury before I finished getting Xbox out of my mouth.  My pride hurts more than my leg; makes me feel old.

6.  Marriage was the topic of the day on Saturday.  Of course it would be since we had just been to Pushman's beautiful wedding (where my children were exceptional).  We were discussing Pushman no longer being Pushman but now she is Norris.  KB went right into, "If I marry Drake then I will be KB Wilkason?" and Bubba said, "If I marry Josh from Jumpstart Kindergarten my name will not be Kicklighter it will be Smith."  We quickly had a rabbit trail lesson on God's plan for Bubba to marry a girl.  "But not KB." he said.  RIGHT!

I've gotta go to bed.  I am so behind on blogging I am afraid I will forget something cute that I want to remember.  Sigh.  I'm taking the kids to the dentist tomorrow and the plan is to blog some then.

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