Monday, August 8, 2011

A Big Weekend

That's right, folks.  I finally did it.  This weekend was Tax Free Weekend so the family headed on over to the "store with the big apple on it" and I bought myself an iPad (and a wireless keyboard - Honey said to and I am sooo glad I did).  Because I waited until this weekend to make the purchase, the keyboard was basically free.  Not bad, eh? I love it! See my pretty pink case?

If that wasn't enough excitement, our Pushman got married on Saturday.

She invited the children to the wedding and Bubba woke up saying, "Today is Pushman's wedding."  KB said, "No, Pushman is getting married today!"  It was a beautiful service, beautiful bride, and my kiddos did beautifully too.  At one point KB did say (loudly), "Is Mr. Kirk going to kiss her?"

We had been in our pew for only moments when someone spoke firmly to KB, "Excuse me. . . " I turned my head ready to growl at whomever was speaking to my daughter and looked into the eyes of. . . my mother!!! That's right! She had made the 10 hour drive with some friends and didn't tell us just so she could see our faces do just what they did.

She sat with us at the reception (where KB and Bubba danced "just like Mr. Norris and Pushman") and then came home with us for a couple hours before going back to her hotel and on to Birmingham Sunday morning.

Bubba said, "Mom, is it October?" Smart kid - Memom has a trip planned to see us in October. . . Bubs was torn between being glad to see her and concerned about the change in schedule!!


Debbie said...

Wow!! How FUN!!! I know you will be lovin' it. So, can you digital scrapbook on it???? Can't believe your mother surprised you like that--she is great! :)

Rebecca Brown said...

Your face is absolutely GLOWING in the "pink pad" pic! So excited for you!

Shelley said...

I LOVE that your momma surprised you. Such a sweet memory. You are well loved.

April Barber said...

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!

amy said...

we just got ours last week and are LOVING IT!! so many great apps. i just found one today that will read the Bible to abby while she reads along. love that! do share what you discover!

nicole said...

I thought of you on Friday and said out loud "today is the day Becky gets her ipad". I got $7 old navy jeans for my boys and you got an ipad-yeah that sounds about right! :)