Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Appreciate the Chicken Sandwich

July 8 came and went with my parents in town and chicken on our minds.  Our outfits were simple but got the job done.  Free sandwiches for everyone including my daddy.  (Mom ate at Subway.  One look at our silly duds and she mooooooved right along.)

Bubba was not about to let this photo op pass him by.  Two or three years ago he refused to have his photo taken with the cow and he has consistently brought it up ever since.  How now, white cow? The wrong has been made right and all is right with the world.  

This cow was a little tooo fresh with my Honey.  Back off, Bessie!

All in all, another wonderful night at Chickfila and another time to be thankful for the Lord's provision for us.  I'm already dreaming up ways to dress the part for next year.  349 days to go. . .


Debbie said...

I thought of you that day and wondered if the Kicklighters were enjoying some free food . . . You did not disappoint :).

Julia said...

Of course your Mama had Subway just like she had a burger when your parents took us out for some yummy bbq!

Carolyn Phillips said...

I miss the chicken sandwich!