Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meet Marlice

This is Marlice.  Marlice is the latest well-loved sitter at the Kicklighter house. 

We met Marlice at church; she was a new worker in the nursery.  KB was acting out in the hallway and I heard a voice, kind but firm, calling her down and setting her straight.  I turned, walked to the nursery door and said, "What is your name and do you babysit?"  Marlice has become a member of the family since then.  Thank you, Jesus, for Miss Marlice.


Cath said...

I would like a Marlice, please!

Kitty said...

Oh how we adore miss Marlice!!!!! She is the only sitter who is universally liked in this house and is requested even when we don't need her. Unfortunately she is becoming too popular.