Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, America

Do you remember July 4? Yep - that was 21 days ago.  Try to think back. . . where were you? What did you do? We were in Webster Groves and attended Ms. Shelley's annual parade for the second year in a row.  We love Ms. Shelley - can you tell?  

We were running late and so the exit to Shelley's house was closed and we had to drive around looking for a place to park while trying not to kill the pedestrians who were abusing the "pedestrians have the right of way" rule.  Honey finally dropped us off and went to park while we set off to find our hostess.  Just as we met up on the main street, the skies opened up and the rains came tumbling down.

Rain pouring down on me while I walked through throngs of people? It was a real test of my personal growth and I think I came out smelling like a rose.  I am not a fan of getting ready for an event and then getting wet.  I am not a huge fan of getting wet in my clothes.  I had to consciously talk myself through it and make the choice to be okay and THEN I could turn to my older two children and assure them that getting rained on was an adventure and that however wet they got it WOULD dry, etc.  When Honey found us, the rain had stopped, he was dry, and we were drenched.

Over the course of the next hour the kids gathered a Ziploc full of candy, Ms. Shelley waved at so many people she knew that she was once mistaken for Miss Webster Groves, and the Clydesdales and Bubble Bus were the hands down favored parade elements.

I also like the kids' shirts:

Belated THANKS, Ms. Shelley, for the wonderful fun on our country's birthday.  Being with you is always fun and your random lunches consistently fail to disappoint.  Much love.

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