Saturday, June 4, 2011

Not Forgettting - KB's Prayer

KB's Prayer

The other night the kids were extra rowdy just before bed time and I used the old "prayer quiets a crowd" trick. ( I hate when people do that - start to pray then stop and laugh and say, "Now that you are listening/quiet. . .")  I circled the kids up on the living room floor and told them that we were going to pray together before bedtime.  First we were going to go around the circle and tell one thing that we were thankful for about that day.  At this point Bubba jumped up and ran to get Scout, Little's pal (a green mechanical dog by Leapster).  He set the dog between him and me in the circle and then told me they were ready.

I started us off and one by one our little children said, "Dear Jesus" and thanked him for things that were important to them that day.  After Bubba thanked him I took a breath to give the next direction.  Before I could start I heard a high pitched voice begin to pray, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for my best pal Little."  I looked up and, yep, Bubba was "being" Scout and praying a prayer of thanks with the rest of us.

The next trip around the circle was to ask Jesus to help us in one area of weakness.  Little said, "Dear Jesus, Will you help me when I do my homework.  Amen"  So sweet.  KB prayed, "Dear Jesus, Please help me to obey my mom and daddy and please help me to want to.  Amen."  ISN'T THAT SO GREAT?   Love the honesty. I was so stuck on that, I don't even remember what Bubba or "Scout" prayed (and yes, they both prayed).

Last time around the circle we all picked a friend to pray for - Little prayed for Tessa, KB prayed for Moriah, Bubba prayed for Mr. Nolda, and Scout prayed that Violet (the purple mechanical dog) would be kind to others.

See why I didn't want to forget that??


Debbie said...

What an inspired idea, with precious results!

Anonymous said...

What sweet,honest, straight to God's ears prayers. I have tears.AW