Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not Forgetting - Little's IEP

Little wasn't due another IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting until the Fall, but since we are considering a change in schools I requested we have the meeting before school got out May 27.  Talk about scrambling.  I didn't give the team much notice and there was only a week to work in but they were champs and pulled it together, and on a day when the kids were in school too!

I can't remember an IEP when I didn't cry for one reason or another.  Usually it is because of the re-realization that Little is different and a new aspect that she is behind in.  This time I cried for a completely different reason.  This meeting was wonderful.  10 teachers, counselors, and administrators sitting around the table discussing the amazing progress Little has made this year, the way she lights up their days, and the hope they have for her over the next year.

It was such a joyful couple of hours and I just sat there praising the Lord for His faithfulness and thanking Him for the way he takes care of our Little treasure.  I didn't cry until the last 15 minutes, though.  There is a page where we fill in all the accommodations she will need to be successful in the classroom for the next year.  The teachers knew about a potential change and they were being especially thorough so that a new teacher would be able to help Little quickly and completely.  All of a sudden I was overwhelmed by the length of the list and just how much these folks were doing to guarantee Little had the opportunity to be her best (be all God wants her to be - even though they wouldn't say it that way!)  I basically interrupted to say, "I am overcome by all that you do for our Little.  It is so much WORK to have her in your school and yet you are all smiling and hopeful that you get to do it all again next year. "  My voice grew small as I said, "Thank you."  And then I cried.  The teachers and therapists are great but they are just evidence to my soul that my God holds our Little in the palm of His hand and He will NOT let her go.  Instead, He will be faithful to His promise to complete in her what He began February 27, 2004.

Ask most folks in the world of special needs and they will NOT say that IEPs are worshipful experiences!! Little's IEP in May 2011 = Worship Service.  Hallelujah!


Debbie said...

He is good!

amy said...

crying, rejoicing with you.

Jawan said...

So glad the gospel penetrates hearts in even hard circumstances.

annaj said...

So beautiful. Love the faithfulness He continues to show you.