Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And I'm Off. . .

Nice, eh?

So that is me on the far right - age 17.  Haven't changed a bit, huh? Right.  Anyway, to my right is Heather - 18, Debbie - 17, Monica - 17.  This is taken at either Baccalaureate or our Graduation reception.  Either way, it was high school graduation and my birthday was that week.  Obviously, drop waist dresses, puffy sleeves, and bangs were in style.  Yes, it was the 80's.

As a reader of this blog you would know that I am no longer 17. *wink*  Yes, I am 40.  That means Heather is also 40.  That means Debbie and Monica have birthdays right around the proverbial corner.  This might depress some people but not us.  No - we take life by the horns and say "HA!"  We buy plane tickets and make plans to leave our families to spend a long weekend together. . . in Amish Country.

You heard me.  

These three dear friends are sweet, soft spoken, and kind.  I am really the only "in your face" extrovert, though no one is shy, by any means.  Tomorrow morning I am getting on a plane and flying to meet these three life long friends for a sweet and quiet weekend.  During this time I plan to go deep with these women and really connect at a heart level, have a super time and laugh AS MUCH as possible, and make memories that will last for. . . well, who knows how long they'll last? We ARE 40.  I have no steps for reaching these goals but I am confident we are going to have FUN.

Now, I know you are thinking, "You are going to "celebrate" growing older by visiting people who live without electricity?"  And to you I say, "We are also going to tour the Hershey company."  We like to live on the edge that way.

Check back on Monday to read all about it.  OR maybe what happens in Lancaster will stay in Lancaster.  


Jo Ann Vargo said...

You are headed to my home area!! Have lots of fun!! Take pictures of the "kiss" lamp poles--our children thought these were the best and I'm sure your children we enjoy them as well!!

Debbie said...

What a great picture for all the world to see :). Can't wait to see you in a few short hours!!

Jawan said...

That sounds like a wonderful trip! Have fun and I can't wait to read all about it and see your pictures.

Dawn said...

Hope you guys have a great time!

~Mad said...

I get it, dearie - believe me, I do!
Have a great time ...
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Can you say Laura Ashley dresses??? Happy Birthday trip to all 4 of you! I am so glad you have been able to keep up. Enjoy!
-Leigh Ann C.