Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thoughts on a Speech and Beyond

We just finished watching The King's Speech.  (Yes, I realize we are probably the last people in the country to watch it. . .)

I must say that it was excellent.  The emotion it evoked was unbelievable.  I was touched on so many levels.  When the King gets up to make the big speech at the end and it shows his wife in the other room holding her breath, quite literally, I just about erupted.  I turned to honey and said, "Being the wife really stinks!"  I don't know what she was feeling exactly, but any wife reading this knows what she was feeling.  Loving your man so very much and wanting him to be successful and spared hurt or shame.  Uhhhhh.  It was gut wrenching.

And then there were the written words at the end that tell about the friendship that lasted for the rest of their lives  and I cried.  Such loyalty and deep friendship - such a treasure.

And then I went to my little man's room for that one last trip to the potty.  As I carried him back to his bed I cried some more.  What will God do with him? His "limitations"? His gifts? His heart? How can we foster those gifts and passions so that he can more readily be all God has for him to be? What it must have been like for King George VI's mum to sit there and listen to him give that speech. . . I am sure she handled it with great decorum (being a queen and all) but I would have wept and shaken and wept; then counted every minute until I got to hug his neck.

I'm exhausted.

image from official site of The King's Speech


~Mad(elyn) said...

"Twas an awesome movie/story...and I'm not even a wife!
I could watch again and again.

Debbie said...

We just watched The King's Speech for the first time a week ago--great movie! Definitely a touching story, especially since it was true. God will do amazing things with your little boy and I can't wait to see what they are :).

Julia said...

what a personal touching post...