Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Week - Friday

Before your kids start school Mother's Day is kinda eh.  I mean they aren't old enough to get that it's a deal and of course one's husband is lovely but you aren't HIS mom, you know? Well, once the kids are in school Mother's Day becomes a marathon.  Seriously.  Last week I looked at the calendar and realized I had four Mother's Day Teas in six days.

My camera battery died Friday morning and so I went to Bubba's class tea empty handed.  Thankfully it's 2011 and we live in the land of the iPhone so another mother took our picture and immediately emailed it to my account.  It didn't come through so I'll have to call and follow that up and post it later (for the book's sake).

That same day Bubba came home to discuss a little decorating with me.  You see, when my mom was here in January she gave a nugget of good advice.  She suggested I minimize the decorating I do around the house for each holiday and just have two or three things I change out for the celebration.  It really has been wonderful and simple and the kids have gotten into it.  A wreath on the door, a wall hanging by the photo collages, and a framed print by our family tree.

This picture shows what I put in after Easter.  It's just a spring ditty that was a free download. . . somewhere. Bubba came home on Friday and this followed. . .

"Mom.  We need to put up a Mother's Day picture in the frame."
"Oh, Bubba, I don't have a Mother's Day picture.  It's okay."
He disappeared into his room and a minute later came out with this and leaned it up against the wall under the other frames.

"Now we have a Mother's Day sign, Mom.  Don't erase it.  I made it."
"Why would I erase that, Bubba? It is the most special thing you could have given me."

It's still there.  It makes my heart go soft.  I like that kid.


amy said...

love love this. it is the little things that show how they connect to our hearts, isn't it?

annaj said...