Thursday, April 21, 2011

KB and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hour

My little girl needs Jesus.  I just don't know how else to say it.  Her dirty little heart needs Him and without His intervention we are in for a ride I cannot get my mind around.

Today, during room time, I went upstairs to work on some things I could only do at my desk.  I heard banging around downstairs but just imagined my little one was being creative with her play.  I chose to think, "I just love her imagination."

Finally I could wait no longer and I headed downstairs.  There I found KB's mattress pushed off the box spring. She had written in marker all over the box spring.  Really.  When I walked in she started crying right away and then asked if she could eat one of her Easter eggs (filled with candy from the hunt she attended today).  The comedy and tragedy of that statement alone is too much.  She knew she had done wrong and cried when she saw me see her wrong. Her first impulse was to deal with that disappointment and stress by asking to eat.  Not. Good.

Moving along. . . there was anger, there was counting to ten, and there was discipline.  While I was holding my little fallen one I was talking to her about the need for repentance; she needed to be sorry.  She looked up at me and said, "Can I have my egg now?"

I looked her in the eyes and began my little sermonette about the fact of how awful it was that she didn't even care she had sinned.  I went into the fact that it was for her sin that Jesus died on the cross.  I was gearing up for a few sentences on her dirty heart being made clean when she said, "And Mom, they put a berry bush on his head.  Did you know they put a berry bush on His head? And they pushed it down (she started tearing up at this point) and they made boo-boos on Jesus' head.  It makes me so very sad."  With that she buried her head in my shoulder and just cried.

We sat there and just rocked and she cried for a bit.

It was sweet.  So special.  And, granted, a bit hilarious.

This Hallmark moment had an exclamation mark added to it when she looked up at me after several minutes of tears and said, "NOW can I eat my Easter egg?"


amy said...

am i terrible for laughing as i read this? maybe it's just because i can so relate. kids...they bring us to our knees, right?

Michelle said...

I just laughed so hard. Reminds me of something SK would do. Hilarous little sinners.

April Barber said...

A girl after my own heart...a destroyer, a crier, a sinner, and an eater! LOVE that little chick. Love you too, momma.