Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winner and Whatnot

Well, I'm home.  We had a wonderful time in Atlanta but barely slept at all (and I am just too old for that).  I'll tell you more about our trip this next week.

I came home to 356 emails.  Now on one hand that makes me sound so popular and important.  Let me break down those 356 for you. . .

142 straight to junk mail
106 from Snapfish,, and other online shopping sites

Since I am home, the giveaway is over.  Thanks to everyone who said such nice things and left comments.  I used to find our bathroom print winner and it was number 7 - - Denise Daniels! Congrats, Denise! I'll get in touch with you to discuss just what you want!!

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Julia said...

Welcome home sunshine. Looking forward to reading about your adventure to Atlanta.