Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patty's Day

Just pretend you are reading this on March 17, 2011.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Never in my life has this day been a big deal but my kiddos turned it into something huge this year.  "How did they do that?" you ask.  They talked about it. . . all day long.   They talked about it for the week leading up to it.  

"When can we wear our shirts?"
"Is today St. Patrick's Day?"
"St. Patrick's Day is in March, Mommy."
and on and on. . .

Finally the day came and breakfast commenced with hoots and hollers of "Happy St. Patrick's Day!".  Everyone was in their shirts and I announced a photo must be taken.  This was the best I could get - KB is blurry because she is always in motion.

That picture is literally one of 8 or more photos; most of them were very blurry.  Funny thing is that each of the pictures caught something I would want to keep.  The one above caught their faces actually looking my way and their shamrocks are all showing.  Another one caught KB's little toes curling up like she tends to do so often.

 Another had Little with her foot up on the couch so I could see she had on shamrock socks.

And at one point I put the camera down, put my hands up to my face and called out, "Bubba! Look at Momma! Put your eyes on Momma!"  (Who says that to a kid with Autism? No eye contact is on every person's first symptom list.  Once I said "Look at the camera" there was no problem)  One photo caught Bub's doing his best to do what I had asked him to do.   

He actually said to me, "I am looking you in the eye, Momma" as he was doing this.  What a goose.

The fun of the day didn't stop after this frolic of a photo shoot.  No! Call it the "luck of the Irish" but we had a day of 80 degree weather dropped in the middle of days requiring coats.  After going to get Bub's glasses fixed (again) we headed out for our first day at Longview this season/year.  It couldn't have been more perfect.

The horses were in their stalls and ready to be greeted by every child coming to play.

The playground itself looked like a sea of green - so many cute shirts and appliques - and the kids ran from swings to monkey bars to slide.

Look at how tall my little man is?

And our little girl demonstrated her great courage once again.  I helped her slide down the pole once and then she was all, "I can do it myseff" and she did for the next 15 min. with no break.

She is so hard headed, though.  I couldn't get her to look at me as she went down.  Stubborn little mule.

Here's Bubba when he was three going down the same little pole.

and now. . . 

Freaks me out a bit.
Hope you had fun on Thursday!

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