Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little - not so little

My little Little turned seven last weekend.  I don't know how to express just how I feel about that.  I am floored, thankful, excited, sad, humbled, weirded out. . . I guess I do know just how to express my feelings.  *wink*

We started the birthday out with pancakes. . . her favorite:
Isn't that the best smile ever.  My sweet and precious little girl.  LOVE that picture.

This birthday was on a Sunday and so we went to church (where Little told everyone she was seven and it was her birthday) and then to Applebee's for grilled cheese sandwiches and home for naps.

During nap time I iced the number seven cake.  Little requested a cake with blue, pink, green, yellow, and purple polka dots.  Instead of having dots of each individual color, there were dots of the colors all together - basically I used multi colored sprinkles and she loved it.  
My sister gave me this neat pan for Christmas that has little squares that come out.  You can fit them in any pattern you want to make letters, numbers, etc.  It worked great.  This might just be a new Blue Hutch tradition - top the number with the theme of their choice.  NO THINKING required.  Sounds good right now.  I digress.

There was singing:

and candle blowing. . .

and gift opening. . .

and Lincoln Logs to supplement what we already have.  Our girl loves some Lincoln Logs!!

Aunt Anna sent Little a catalog and she can pick ANYTHING she wants.  Bubba is convinced she wants the Marble Run thing.

And then, the next day, there was the t-shirt and yearly photo with Mr. Frog.  This was the last photo before the battery died.  I am so glad I got it.  She wore the shirt and had a crown to wear all day at school.  There were cupcakes and games (inside recess, but she is convinced the games were for her).  Not bad for seven years old.

Two days later I had my parent/teacher conference with Little's teacher and heard such wonderful things about what God is doing in our little girl at school.  She is reading on a first grade level and right on target with where she should be.  Her math is fine.  Her handwriting improves daily.  She is doing so very well.

I am so grateful for all of you who have prayed for our little one for seven years now.  See how our God has answered your prayers and ours!!! What a mighty God we serve, eh? I can only imagine what He has planned for this next year.


annaj said...

i love that girl!

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't imagine what God has in store for Little. Reading, math, writing! She's amazing. And yes, her smile makes me smile. AW

amy said...

this makes me smile. big.

Debbie said...

A very special birthday for a precious little girl! I really love that "7" cake!

Julia said...

This tugged at my heart this morning. I am smiling on the inside and out!