Friday, March 4, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies - Discuss

February is Girl Scout Cookie (GSC) month.  Forget about Valentines Day and who really celebrated President's Day? BUT February comes around and most of the country knows to look for the little girls parents of little girls with the color coded order slip and the photos of fabulous cookies.

I don't know what the deal is about these cookies.  I wonder if they taste better because you know you can't get more when they run out? Or maybe it's because you haven't had any for 12 months. . . who knows? The thing is - they are G.O.O.D.

We got our order yesterday and it has caused me to start thinking deep thoughts about GSC.  Our church switched from having a Girl Scout troop to Heritage Girls, because the Girl Scouts have begun to promote values that conflict with Truth.  So, does that mean I shouldn't be buying Girl Scout cookies? WHEN are the Heritage Girls going to start selling cookies?

Another thought - those stinkers put just enough cookies in the box to make you think you are getting plenty of yumminess, BUT when a family of five takes 2 cookies a piece and it empties the box of Lemonades. . . there is a problem.

And WHY IN THE WORLD did they change the names of the cookies.  Samoas -  well loved cookies at the Blue Hutch -  are now called Caramel Delites.  WHAT IN THE WORLD???  Peanut Butter Patties are also Tagalongs.  It's a bit confusing.  From what I could tell on the website, this a regional thing and there are some places that are still using the name Samoas.  (Probably in the South 'cause we are suckers for traditions.  I commend them.)

Enough, huh? Okay - enough.


Anonymous said...

I have always known those cookies as caramel delights!! I love those!

porternews said...

We don't tell our kids about GSC!! I know it sounds selfish and very kid-like but please, they will eat any cookie out there so why let them have the best of the best??!! Our meager two boxes are stashed nicely away only to be savored one at a time by Ben and I!!

Julia said...

They had to change the names b/c there is another baking company making the cookies in different regions! My favorites will always be...frozen thin mints.

Shannon said...

I LOVE LEMONAIDES!!!!! Just had to say it :)