Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun Artwork Just For Little

I have sent you to her blog before.  A talented and encouraging woman who graduated high school with my sister and who I now call friend.  Reading her blog each day is a joy often accompanied by a stab of conviction and gorgeous photography of every day life from a new angle.  I seriously love her photography.

So, when I was thinking of gifts for Little's birthday I remembered her barren walls and thought it would be fun to get her some artwork that was just her.  We had gotten Bubba that great alphabet poster for Christmas and it sums him up so well at this stage; he loves it.

Little is all about computers but I couldn't find anything feminine and computerish at all.  So I took a chance and emailed this friend and asked if she did projects for folks and if she felt up to the challenge of making a computer interesting and girly.  Actually, that makes it sound like I made the project seem exciting.  I basically apologized for asking and for such a seemingly ridiculous subject and SHE wrote back thanking me for the challenge and made it sound like a fun afternoon plan.  

She gave it much more than an afternoon of planning.  All while she was redoing her floors.  And parenting three small children.  And I have to say, the final product was everything I hoped for and more.  I am beside myself with happiness and Little's response to the pictures was priceless.  As I pulled them out for her to see, she touched the one of the full computer and said, "They are so beautiful."  More than I could have hoped for, I tell ya.

So, here they are.  They aren't hung yet but now that Spring Break is here, honey will be getting them up on the wall.  I am one step away from finishing the five year quilt too, so when that is on the bed and these are hung in place I will get another picture posted.  

Little's room is orange, yellow and bright pink.  Seriously, look what she "just happened" to have on her wall!!! That canvas is perfect!

Her middle son was the hand model, God bless him.  So sweet.
I printed them as squares and I am thinking they will hang in a large square over her short bookcase.  We'll see how that goes.  

Thanks so much for your help, Christian.  You guys click through and tell her what a great job she did.  You can find her at Modobject at Home

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Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

{smile} The project WAS a pleasure, but what makes me happiest of all is that Little thinks the photos are beautiful.