Thursday, February 24, 2011

That Last Snow Day

You know we had been told we were going to experience a blizzard.  I felt like I should make a tshirt: I was promised a blizzard and all I got was these lousy 3 inches of ice.  So, basic consensus was that we were stuck in the house for the day.  We hadn't even seen a plow go by, so w brought out the Legos.  The kids and I built condos while Honey put together an amazing vehicle.  Boys and their toys, right?

 This next picture shows and adorable KB laughing with her daddy and you can tell Bubba is starting to get excited.  The real purpose of the photo is to show you Little's rooster-do.  Every morning for 7 years, except for the bald months, Little has woken up with this hairdo.  It's awesome.

The "off-roading" continued with squeals of joy:

I L.O.V.E this photo:

 So we stayed in as planned until the phone rang at 11:30AM.  It was a dear friend saying that he and his bride were planning to shovel out and to to Chickfila for lunch; did we want to come.  My husband showered, shaved, de-iced the car, and had all kids buckled in by noon.  It was a family record, folks.

It was dangerous and ridiculous but fun and needed.

Everything has thawed now (except for that one 8 in. square of snow in our floor bed) and most of what is left behind is mud.  Mud and parking places.  I am so thankful for parking spaces.  The snow plows would push the snow into piles that covered 3 or 4 spaces every five to six spaces.  Not completely helpful.

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