Friday, February 4, 2011

Last snow day - this week.

Okay, first you have to see the out fit from yesterday:

I realize this is two posts in a row with KB's clothing choices, but how could I NOT show you this one? There is some color and major use of pattern going on here!

So, yesterday was another snow day.  We pulled out the stops for sure.  There was Uno, cookie baking, and . . . we made a Valentines wreath.  I have seen these little suckers all over the Internet and since I am "using what I have" around here, we attempted this cupcake liner wreath:

All three kids helped at different times (check out that static in KB's hair).  Bubba really like crumpling the liners and KB loved sticking pins through the liners.  Everyone else online has used hot glue but I have to admit that the combination of hot glue and my children frightened me. 

At some point I died to our wreath looking like all the others and just decided it was a family building experience.  I'd like to believe He honored that with a cute result.  We are all sorta proud of our wreath and all of us for different reasons.

There is no snow day today and I am not going to pretend to be sad.  It is supposed to snow again tonight and maybe again Monday; just enough time to get milk and a new list of things a family can do when cooped up in their house.  WHAT DO PEOPLE DO WHO LIVE IN MINNESOTA????


Kitty said...

Well, according to what I've gathered from my sweet, Minnesota-born husband, snow days did not exist and kids went outside anyway. I believe him b/c he talks about how kids thought it was fun to go to the bus stop w/your hair wet so it would freeze and you could break it off.

This Place is a Disaster! said...

I follow a blog of a family in VERY Northern Minnesota - in the windter they do chores on their farm to keep busy and warm!!!! and they are all home schooled too, so they have "snow Days" everyday!

annaj said...

i love that the idea of straight pins and your children DOESN'T frighten you!