Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Barbie Machine and Little

This is the Barbie Machine that Little got for Christmas.  I would say this is my first truly bad choice of gift for my kids.  There have been poor decisions in the vein of  "I thought they would love it and they didn't," but this is a "she loves it and I wish she didn't."

Can you see Barbie on the screen.  She is dancing.  Little loves it and wanted me to take a picture.  That's not the part I dislike.  It's that the games you play are things like. . . Where do you want to go? Who will you take? What will you wear? The matching game is focused on fashion - match the shoes, match the bathing suits, etc.  She has learned the words cool, awesome, and . . . there is one other I can't remember.  Nothing gross or overtly horrible, just not the stuff I would readily hand my daughter to focus on for large pockets of time each day.

So why am I telling you this.  Little just came out of her room, where she had been playing with her Barbie Machine and Leapster Explorer simultaneously, and asked me if I wanted to get a dog like hers for myself? I was explaining that I got much more joy watching her with her dog and she stopped short, put her hand on my arm, and said, "Excuse me one minute.  I need to go push the confirm key on my Barbie Machine." And she left.  It was hilarious.

Probably not really "blog worthy", eh? Should have kept it?
I guess you had to be there/here.

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annaj said...

SO glad you shared! She actually said "confirm key"??