Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter Break Storytime

Having Bubba at home for the past week+ has actually been a delight.  I KNOW - there was the water debacle but even that was pure hearted in motivation.  Bubs has been fairly calm, kind to his sisters, verbally expressive, and even shown some imagination.  The lack of anxiousness is the best part of the week.  I felt a bit like Geppetto; for one week I had a "real boy".

You want an example? Is that what you are saying? Well, here you go:

We were reading stories before bedtime and I had just finished Horris and Morris But Mostly Delores. Bubba went and pulled the stool into the middle of the room, grabbed up Snuggle Puppy and turned it around to let us see the pictures while he read.

I sat there grinning from ear to ear, remembering when I used to do this as a kid.  I always thought it was so cool how my teacher could manage to show everyone the pictures and read at the same time.  How NORMAL is this???!!! Such a delight.

The girls really got into it.  They would fill in blanks he left and sing along with the "puppy".  One of my favorite memories of the past week month.


Julia said...

Is the vacum cleaner inthe photo a prop for Bubba?

Debbie said...

What fun for you all! I always that the holding the book open for all the class by the teacher was cool, too--even when I was a teacher :).