Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Money, Money, Money by the Pound

January Reflections '11 - 200 x 200
January Reflections: Finances

Apparently I like "stuff".  (My daddy just laughed, Honey rolled his eyes, and my brother said, "Ya Think?") Apparently everyone was aware of this WAY before I was.  

Well, family, hold on to your hats 'cause this stuffaholic is humming that 1990 Winans tune. . . "It's Time, time to make a change.  We are His people we can do it." That's right! 2011 is going to be the year of "use what you have"! (Feel the need to craft? Look in the craft closet!) My personal goal is that we end the year with no debt and an empty(ish) basement.  Is that weird? I'm going to get a bumper sticker and instead of the Marines' "Semper Fi" it will say "Simplify".  Big talk from someone addicted to stuff.

Now the debt free part would be much easier if someone left us an inheritance of 1 billion dollars.  I think it is funny that Corrin would ask us to reflect on how we would spend that money and it's 2011 - the year of using what I have.  But, I guess if someone gave it to me I would technically have it. . . so I could use it. . . I think I will reflect on how to steward the funds.  It sounds nicer and has a tone of built in accountability for a stuffaholic.

Good news is that I am in the middle of a four week Sunday School class on finances and it is amazing; one of my favorite classes since attending our church.  The teacher is super.  Last week we discussed savings and it was fantastic.  He told us how to figure out just how much we NEED to save in a year.  What a novel idea! We're to make a dream list (this includes college for kids, weddings, trips,  etc.) and how much each would cost then divide the dream amount by how many years there are until that dream is anticipated and then we'll have our savings goal for that year.  He used college tuition as an example and ended up with $6000 saved a year if we have someone starting college in 10 years.  S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y.   The lady behind me was heard to say, "I must stop dreaming."  

In light of this new knowledge and strategy for saving, I would have to say that stewarding my billion dollars would include giving God the first fruits, giving Uncle Obama what he requires, and then I would make dream lists.  A list of family long term needs.  A list of realty options in our wonderful school district.  A list of vehicles that are wise choices for short commutes and tall men.  A list of folks in need and, potentially, organizations that help them.  A list of equipment "needed" from the Apple store.

THEN I would set my lists aside, hire my friend Julie to help us plan an Autism friendly trip to Disney, and go to Disney World.  Is that a bit cliche? 

What would YOU do with a billion dollar inheritance?


Julie Hough said...

No need to hire me! Anytime you want to plan out a trip to The Happiest Autism-Friendly Place on Earth, call me and I'm all over it. Would LOVE to do that for you.


This Place is a Disaster! said...

First of all, before I even read this - we sing this song all of the time - J says, "Monsy pund pound pound!" It's adorable.
Now, onto reading the post!

This Place is a Disaster! said...

Lets see, how many zeros is that . . .
After Tithing, I would pay off our houses/debts (Since we have rentals). THen put aside enough for each childs mission, college and weddings. Then, pay off my brothers and sisters/parents mortgages with as much of what is left. Any remainder would go toward adding on to our house, and helping our chldren and others through life and realities!!!!

annaj said...

Pete's Dragon - booya!