Friday, January 21, 2011

January Reflections '11 - 200 x 200
January Reflections: Grateful

One of the "mommyisms" I grew up with is, "I can't make you thankful, but I can make you say thank you."  The thing is, the more I said thank you, the more thankful my heart grew.  It's hard to say those words over and over again without realizing how good the Lord is to us and how He uses those around us to bless.  So, my mom made me say thank you but my Father made me thankful.   I think I'll do the same with my kiddos and pray He is faithful to do the same as well!

Fifty things I am thankful for right now:

  1. the space heater keeping our upstairs bedroom cozy
  2. Honey took KB back to bed when she came in at some time in the middle of the night
  3. flannel jammie pants
  4. an appointment with a dermatologist for little - it should have taken 3 months to get in but they "just happened" to have an opening friday"
  5. snow plows and salt trucks
  6. debbie's ideas on how to spend a snow day
  7. uno
  8. kb's imagination
  9. little's perseverance
  10. bubba's love of language/letters
  11. hot chocolate
  12. my camera
  13. snow angels - my kids' first
  14. dominoes delivery
  15. little's field trip being cancelled because of snow - I never felt comfortable with where they were going.
  16. two hours alone with little since her school is the only one off today.
  17. a washer and dryer that work.
  18. pbskids
  19. friends from high school that i WANT to spend time with this summer and
  20. a plan to do just that
  21. a motivating sunday school class
  22. a pastor that humbly points us to Jesus
  23. opportunities to use my gifts
  24. pictures taken by a friend
  25. kb can dress herself. . . and wants to
  26. everyone ate dinner joyfully last night and bubs even said, "this is my faaaaavorite"
  27. books
  28. coupons
  29. a great hairdresser
  30. cereal
  31. cd player in the car!
  32. netflix streaming
  33. computers that work
  34. a surprise message from a beloved uncle
  35. scrapbooking - and friends to do it with
  36. friends' decision to come to our church 
  37. a team of folks in our school district who really care for our little
  38. late start at school today (since I haven't gotten a shower and am running late)
  39. hide and go seek in the house
  40. crayola
  41. winter wipe-out
  42. dr. seuss
  43. hearing little read
  44. kb's rolling laugh
  45. bubba asking for just one more hug
  46. honey working so hard to provide for us
  47. bravery
  48. commitment
  49. forgiveness
  50. grace


Corrin said...

Loved your list!

Debbie said...

I loved your list, too, and know that you have such a thankful heart that I bet it took you almost no time to come up with 50 items. God is so good!