Friday, December 31, 2010

Inclement Weather Revelations

You can learn a lot about yourself when a tornado siren goes off and the sky is an ominous black.  Your husband calls for you to head to the basement and everyone grabs something to take with them.

We have had sirens going off for an hour now (off and on) and the first time we all sat still and checked the tv.  The second time the line of the storm was closer to us and  Honey gave the call.  What did we take downstairs?

Little: new Barbie machine
Bubba: nothing
KB: pillow and blanket
Me: slippers ('cause the basement floor is cold), Bub's Leapster
Honey: his laptop and iPod.  So practical.

We came back up and Honey told me not to get too comfortable; he knew we would be heading back down pretty quickly.  I set into motion.  Made lunch for all the kiddos, packed leapsters into my bag, grabbed my purse and bag of books from my planning time yesterday, and headed down preemptively.

If you are going to get caught in tornado warnings our basement is THE place to be.  We have a kids picnic table and the kids ate there.  I sat in the arm chair that doesn't fit in the tiny living room.  After the kids ate we threw the crib mattress on the floor and they laid down to play their video games.  Bubs got cold and so I grabbed a jacket off the Goodwill pile.  Good times.

oh, and we're fine.  Places all around the city were hit pretty hard but our litttle farmhouse in  the woods is fine.


Helen said...

Becky, what in the world is a Barbie Machine?

~Mad(elyn) said...

Glad to hear you're all goo - I worried about you when hearing that St Louis was hit on the TV weather!
Love you,
(I, on the other hand, wondered how I could get three cats and a fat dog to the basement if necessary - always my worry)