Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DPP 7 - "Costumes"

The kids' choirs are singing this Sunday evening and the name of the musical is "Candy Cane Lane".  The singers are supposed to wear Christmas Pajamas - you KNOW this just thrilled my heart.

Since I had already made plans to make the kiddos matching jammies, I just purposed to buy material with candy canes on them.  (I cut KB's just a bit short so she gets a little red ruffle.)  I bought the fabric in September - no lie.  I made the jammies today and yesterday.  How's THAT for planning ahead and procrastinating meeting in a major mash up.  Would that be called procrastinating ahead?

(Julia and Dave - we would LOVE for you to come with us!!!)

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Julia said...

I just called Mr. Nolda and shared with him your invitation to the Christmas concert Sunday. I will let you know!

Julia said...

I forgot that we had committed to volunteering at St. Vincent DePaul on Sunday as well. What time is the concert?

porternews said...

Ahh...I love them esp. with the red ruffle!!! Wish Ella was going to be as cool in her pj's!!