Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas "Tragedy" - It's all relative.

Twas 2 days before Christmas and all through the house
little children are stirring because school is out.
All three children wore glasses we picked up today
and I had just cleaned up lunch and put dishes away.

Dora was playing on our huge old TV;
Bubba was watching along with KB.
And I in the kitchen and Little at the desk
play computer games calmly and enjoying the rest.

When out of the bathroom Bubba came with a cup;
the water in one hand and a towel to "clean up".
Away to the living room I flew like a flash,
dodging the laundry and jumping the trash.

The smiling kids' faces and instant dead silence
made stomach feel sick and my shoulder get tense.
Then what to my wondering eyes should appear
but puddles of water on things we hold dear.

The TV was fuzzy with white screen and noise
there was water on books (but none on the toys).
Then the tellie shut off for the last time it seems;
the crackling of wires and liquid will haunt all my dreams.

As the panic set in I saw wet chairs and wet tables,
I rushed 'cross the room wishing this was a fable.
Our camera was wet and I needed someone to blame
I turned to look at my kids and I called them by name!

Now Bubba! Now KB! Don't you dare walk away.
What were you thinking? What do you have to say?
Go get a towel! Get two or three!
You wipe up the tables! Leave the camera to me.

I spoke not a word but went straight to work
I dried all I could and then turned with a jerk.
And pointing to bedrooms I said it was best
if they all disappeared to their beds for a rest.

I called Honey at work and just couldn't find him
the chances of finding mom and my sister were grim.
So I called my friend Julie who has kids much like mine
and she listened and understood and was honest and kind.

All I could think was of two long weeks looming
with 3 kids at home and weather cold and gloomy.
So I fell on the couch, shut my eyes, bowed my head
and decided to trust God would do what He said.

He says he'll provide and His plans are for good;
that might mean no tv and a thinner scrapbook.
What I need to do now is train up my kids
to know water belongs in the tub, sink, or toilet - THAT'S IT!

This story ends well - Honey got a new tv on sale,
TONIGHT with a check that came today in the mail.
And as my camera is drying it seems to be working alright.
Merry Christmas to all.  Hope you had a good night!


Jawan said...

Becky....I love this poem! I hate that the water accident happened but I love your words, your rappin' rhymes, and your quick thinking. Enjoy that new it a flat screen?

This Place is a Disaster! said...

Truly Inpiring! how on earth did you do that - like it just sprang from you!

John and Sue Burch said...

He is so good and always takes care of us. Thanks for sharing this great example - even though actually experiencing the "tragedy" might not have been fun!

Anonymous said...

If you are afraid its still wet, put it in a cup with rice in it. When I washed my phone twice. Since I washed it this really didn't work since it was for spills. But others say it does. I am glad it still works and that TVs are on sale now for a reason. :) Merry Christmas! Emily in SC

Marcie said...

Bravo on the poem. I was going to suggest the rice for the camera, too. Yippee for a check for a new tv.

Julia said...

Oh my! You and your kids are going to have some great stories to share when they are adults!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness! Never a dull moment, is there? :) So glad God had already provided for your needs. I hope the rest of the break is less stressful.

annaj said...

You are amazing. Yes you are!