Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Card

For those of you beyond our "postage pocketbook's" reach:

This picture is the perfect depiction of life with the Kicklighters.  Mom and Dad trying to hold it together while three children do everything but cooperate.  In a word: Lunacy.  2010 was crazy BUT it was the least dramatic year we’ve had since 2002.  Jeremy continued working at Covenant Seminary and his duties continued to increase.  He was elected as Elder and began an MA in Leadership & Organizational Development at Saint Louis University. Becky continued making the rounds with doctors, therapists, and teachers.  Growing children take more time but she managed to fit in some sewing, scrapbooking, blogging, and involvement in the church’s women’s ministry.  Lily continued to bless everyone with her simplicity and sweetness, love of all things computer, and new found skills in reading and writing (PTL!).  Thomas continued to love reading, singing, and routine.  VBS was a highlight of the year for him and we STILL hear stories about “red dolphins”.  KB continued to wow us with her constant conversation, compassionate heart, and strong will.  She loves school 3 days a week and we love the change in her disposition that came with turning 3!  We have grown as a family and continue to trust God to make us more like Him.  We pray you will experience the same in 2011.  Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

A blessed Christmas to your whole family. I'll try to send you the picture I selected for our card via e-mail. With love, ML

Julia said...

Cool guy Dave wants to know if it's the same kids from last year. Merry Christmas to the Kicks! Looking forward to hanging out next week. J, D, & the 4 Dings