Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catch up

In order to have a place for the Christmas tree, we had to move the desk with the computer out of the room; with it went the downstairs Internet connection.  I am really not at liberty to go upstairs during the day if anyone is awake.  I am telling you this as explanation for why I haven't been here except for DPP.  Now I will attempt to catch you up with short, clever, and potentially heart warming snippets. *wink*

1.  15 minutes ago I went outside to go get a prescription filled for Bubba.  I stepped off the porch and onto the front walk. . . which was a solid sheet of ice.  It was just like that scene from "While You Were Sleeping" (minus the bike).  I yelped/screamed and went to the ground.  Lovely.  I'll get the prescription tomorrow after they salt.

2.  Today was the "Educational Diagnosis" meeting for Bubba.  They have been screening him pretty heavily over the past few months and I got to sit in a VERY hot room and hear the data stats results for an hour.  In the end Bubs was assigned the label of Autism - nothing new there.  The up side was hearing how adorable everyone thinks he is, etc. etc.  Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

3.  I have more to tell about Sunday night's performance at the church but will wait until I finish this to do it.

4.  KB and Thomas got new glasses ordered this week.  Yep - BOTH of them.  Pictures to come next week when they are delivered.

5.  The Christmas shopping is finished (except for stockings).  Due to recent events and the lack of trust we have in our children, we will be waiting until Christmas eve to put wrapped gifts under the tree.

6.  My kids are finally curious about Santa.  We have never talked about Santa much.  We have never had children aware enough to care.  Between Little being in 1st grade and KB being a nine year old in the body of a three year old, it has become a consistent topic of conversation this year; to the point that tonight when I asked KB what she would like us to pray for she answered, "Santa and his reindeer to be safe."  You should have heard the way I worded that prayer!

7. We finally saw the latest Harry Potter.  I am such a fan of Harry Potter.  This one was tough since it is the dark before the light. 

Okay - I am brain dead and can't remember all the clever things I was going to type throughout last week.  I'll try again tomorrow.


Julia said...

I needed that!

Marcie said...

Please tell me you use for your kids glasses or you get them free with a vision plan. If you don't let me know.

Also, I'm glad you don't have a pain prescription for a busted tail bone after you hit the ice.

Enjoy the season, friend. Oh, and by the way, we got our card. :o) Makes me happy.