Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Honey has a Nano.  That has been the extent of our Apple usage.  We have a friend that badgers us a bit to "Go Mac" but that would require quite a bit of an investment (aka $$$).  Over time, Honey has become enamored with the iPod Touch and decided that would be the next baby step.  He's been setting aside money for a bit and God provided an unbelievable deal. 

Honey's 32GB iPod Touch arrived on Monday.  My sister urged me to "make it fun" and not just hand the box to Honey.  SO,

When he arrived home I let him put his things down and glance around the room to see if there was a box for him (he's been stalking the Fedex website so I assumed he would know it had arrived).  After he kissed the children and seemed "settled", I handed him a short note. . .

"Welcome Home, Honey.
Glad the work day is done.
Before I rush out to my meeting
let's have some fun.

Steve Jobs sent a package.
It arrived here at two.
You'll find it in your red "basket"
or you might find a clue."

So Honey laughed and went straight to see what was next.

Another CLUE!!!
"Well you found another poem
on your way to the Touch. 
I'm sure your blood is pounding
you want that iPod so much.

Think just a minute.
(Pretend you're Richard Castle)
to look under YOUR cushion
won't be too big a hassle.

It took him a minute to figure out which cushion was his, but his first guess was correct and this is what he found:
See that clue under there??

"Now the hunt is getting old
and your patience is wearing thin.
Take a minute to reflect
on all the places this Touch has been.

Around the world in a weekend.
(those Apples sure have speed)
Now yours has come to rest
where you sleep, drink, and read.

We headed upstairs. . .

Honey looked behind his pillow. . .

and he found . . .
"Ha! Thought you'd have it
and my joke might tempt fate,
but the new toy can be found
under the pillow of your mate!!

Look at that smile!

Thanks, Anna for encouraging me to take the time and be myself - fun! (hee hee)


Marcie said...

Very fun! By chance do I know that friend that encourages you to "Go Mac"? I am sure there is more than one. :o)

Julia said...

If Dave Nolda learned of this he would have thwarted your hunt and grabbed it for himself! Honey enjoy your new piece of technology...

Debbie said...

Hope he enjoys it and lets you use it occasionally, too :).

annaj said...

Yea!!! Doesn't it feel good to let the creativity flow!

Allison said...

such a cute wife! Do you watch Castle?

Nicole said...

SO FUN and glad it came so he can stop watching it circle the globe :) I'm sure it won't be long before this little toy answers to the name "i-love". At least that's what we call it at our house.