Friday, October 22, 2010

Random Thoughts - aka "Stream of Consciousness"

1.  Have gone 4.5 days without my cell phone and have talked to 5 different women in the Philippines in an attempt to get everything fixed.  1 hour after hanging up with Josephine, I turned my phone back on to find that, once again, my hopes were dashed.  I set about erasing everything from the phone so I could return it to the store (Tracphone from Walmart), turned it off, fed the kids lunch, decided to try it ONE MORE TIME, and it worked.  I feel that this is a metaphor for life: one step forward, two steps back.

2.  Rolos are addictive.

3.  Just started reading Love and Respect by Eggrich and, after one chapter, I think I am going to hate it.  "Why?" you ask.  Well, because of the humility and selflessness it is going to remind me is required.  Glad my copy of Keller's Grace Changes Everything arrived yesterday!

4.  My family has no clean clothes in their drawers.  All of their clothes are clean, they are just in piles on my folding table in the basement.  (Yes, and here I sit at the computer. . .)

5.  I finished 38 pages on my scrapbooking weekend last week.  Nicole did 71.  She was a maniac - very focused.  We stopped long enough to drive from the mall (we began our adventure working in Archivers) to our hotel, got lunch on the way, she ate IN THE CAR and started as soon as we got into the hotel.  She did not stop for dinner or breakfast.  WOW!

6.  KB's birthday party is tomorrow.  I hope the weather is pretty (it's supposed to rain) because my house is a wreck but mostly because having little fairies flittering around in the fall leaves just sounds lovely.

7.  I babysat for friends last night.  Chloe was already in bed when I arrived and so I finished a pair of fleece jammies for Little, made treat bags for KB's MMO class, cropped Aug. 2009 - May 2010 photos for Little's album, and watched five episodes of 30 Rock on Hulu.  What a fun night!

8. Just remembered I need to make a birthday tshirt for my soon-to-be three year old.  Dude.

9.  There is this website out there and, if you pay $9.97 a month, the lady will send you daily activities to do with your kids that point them to Jesus.  I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I would sign up if it was $4.95/month.  OR she could just comp. me a year because I mentioned her here.  Wouldn't that be so. . . Ellen?  Okay  - just found it again. . . Mommy Missons.  Great name, eh? Check it out. . . tell her I sent you. 

10.  Durkee Pure Vanilla is $1 at Schnucks this week.  I wonder how small the bottle is?

Okay, I have to go take care of laundry and reprogram my cell phone and and and
Have a good weekend.


Melanie said...

The only way I get my laundry folded these days is by watching 30 Rock on the Wii. What is it w/ the laundry w/ a family of 5?? It seems exponentially more than when there were just 4 of us.

April Barber said...

So thankful for you and #7. Thankful to read your stream of Consciousness since we haven't talked all week. Now I know why you haven't answered when I called your cell. Sheesh! Love you.

annaj said...

i love you

Julia said...

Thank you my day is complete now that you shared with me!