Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Title Ready

October is so full.  Seriously - people talk about December being a busy month, but I think October is really full.  So, I am behind posting photos for family and "fans" *wink*.  I told you it would be a bit before I'm really back,  but I thought I would pop in for a photo:

and a couple fun . . . facts? Whatever. . .

1.  I have a double ear infection.  Three year old birthdays are not so fun when one is in that kind of pain.  I'd rather have another c-section that a double ear infection.  I am officially a pansy.

2.  My children sang a round of "Little is a wacko yes she is, yes she is.  Little is a wacko yes she is, yes she is.  Little is a wacko.  Little is a wacko.  Little is a wacko yes she is." at Chick-fil-a tonight.  They did a verse for Bubs and KB too.  Equal opportunity mockers.

3.  We had a terrible storm last night - really strong winds.  Our neighbor lost two pear trees.  As we drove out of the driveway this morning, I slowed down so Bubba and KB could see the broken tree, this conversations ensued:
Bubba - "Mommy, will you fix it?"
Mommy - "I wish I could, Bubs.  Trees can't be fixed once they break like that."
KB - "What about God?"
Mommy - "Well, KB, God is the only one who could fix that tree, but He doesn't really do that kind of thing very often."
Bubba - "God could fix it.  He would need sticky tape."
4.  I took KB to MMO on Friday and there was no MMO on Friday.  That didn't make it to my calendar somehow.  What good IS a calendar if one is not going to use it?

5.  Bubba had a minor concussion yesterday.  A fall on the playground led to a nice round of throwing up and a visit to the doctor.  He had a headache for most of the afternoon but he is fine now.

6.  Honey started his second class this week.  They changed the class time to Tuesday nights instead of Wednesday nights.  I feel safe saying a man did that.

7.  My mom is coming Thursday. 

8.  I need to dye a leotard and tights yellow for Little's Halloween costume.  I am paralyzed by fear.  What is THAT about?

9.  One of my best friends in college lost his dad today.  I am so very sad for him. 

10.  KB turned three on Sunday and today (yes, TUESDAY) she asked me "Why??" 15+ times.  That girls has a great sense of timing, eh? I actually laughed out loud after one long spout of "why?"s.  Game on, chica.


Catherine said...

A DOUBLE ear infection?! No! I'd be milking some sick leave out of that if I could...

My kids NEVER did that 'why' thing - I've only now realised since you brought it up. Which leads me to the theory that it is a sign of superior intelligence, which my kids don't have. So enjoy those 'whys', Becky.

Andy and Brooke Cheely said...

"Why" is better than "No!"

Anonymous said...

Not only are you NOT a pansy, you DIDN'T TELL ME that you had a double ear infection while you were schlepping me back and forth on Saturday! I'm so sorry! I would have never even guessed that you were sick! I just thought you were a little over-party-whelmed.

Jo Ann said...

I get lots of ear infections so I have ALL the sympathy!! Each time the children get one I call the doctor on the way there and they see us immediately. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

annaj said...

Spoken like a true man - sticky tape fixes everything!

Anonymous said...

So what are you and mom going to clean out, straighten up, label or throw out this time?? AW

Debbie said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I have only had one adult ear infection and it gave me great sympathy for my children. Ouch!! Hope you have a great time with your mom and enjoy the "3's" :).

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, hope your poor old ears are better now. BUT.... it is November now, or it is over here, and we miss our daily fix. You make me laugh dear girl. Our dear friends from Marietta, whom we met at our church when they were posted here for 5 years, are hoping we will visit next year. It is more or less just down the road, at least by Oz standards, so maybe we can get together. Have a great day, love from Helen.