Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things I'd Rather Do

Monday morning I have to go see that doctor that no woman enjoys going to see.  Now, I have a fond affection for the man that brought my three children into the world, but I still don't look forward to seeing him at his work place.  Church - don't mind seeing him there.  Suite 600 - not so much.

So, to make light of the subject so that all stays calm ('cause that's what I do) I thought I would make a list.
101 50 Things I'd Rather Do Than Visit the OB
1.  Eat sushi
2.  Get a pedicure
3.  Get a manicure
4.  Go to Starbucks
5.  Walk the aisles of Walgreens
6.  Laundry
7.  Watch a video of someone else walking the aisles of Walgreens
8.  Talk on the phone to my sister
9.  Talk on the phone to my mom
10.  Loop tulle to make a tutu.
11.  Answer my Bible Study questions for Tuesday
12.  Catch up on all the blog posts I didn't read all weekend.
13.  Watch last season of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix
14.  Watch Cifford's Really Big Movie with Bubba
15.  Help Little do math
16.  Cut construction paper with KB
17.  Discuss organizational structures with Honey
18.  Exercise
19.  Inventory fall/winter clothes for the children
20.  Change the sheets on the beds.
21.  Clean out the top drawer of the Blue Hutch AGAIN
22.  Journal the pages of LAST JULY in KB's scrapbook
23.  Finish Little's quilt
24.  Find the turtle we saw earlier today.
25.  Take all three kids to the library by myself.
26.  Pop in to Bright Idea Toys to surprise my friend who works there.
27.  Check out the $1 aisle at Target
28.  Bake cookies
29.  Clean the writing off of Bubba's dresser
30.  Call my friend Claire for her birthday - which was today but I didn't call her.
31.  Create a couple cute lists for my sister-in-law for her birthday
32.  Wrap a present for a one year old.
33.  Sew the button back on Honey's shorts
34.  Drive down 280 in Birmingham
35.  Clean a toilet
36.  Deal with the emails in my inbox.
37.  Put the drawers back into KB's dresser after two months of not letting her have drawers.
38.  Type my entire phone book into my new cell phone - one at a time.
39.  Read Hints on Child Training
40.  Fail at another Futoshiki puzzle
41.  Cut Bubba's fingernails
42.  Chat with my Landlord
43.  Cruise Craigslist
44.  Pick up Little medicine refill.
45.  Redo my Touch of Cutesy website
46.  Pluck my eyebrows
47.  Create artwork for our bedroom walls
48.  Take stuff to Goodwill
49.  Have my lips sewn shut
50.  Go to the dentist

I think you get the point.
Sweet dreams for me.


jenny said...

I find it amusing that talk on the phone to mom and sister are below walk the aisles at Walgreen. HaHa

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing, Jenny. And who knew she was a Sushi fan!! Mom

April Barber said...

Didn't know you liked Sushi either. Is it bad that I'd rather go to that Doctor than drive down 280 in Birmingham? You know how I feel about that. Ugh!

~Mad said...

#34 sounds good to me!
Wish you were around...

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, Aussie Helen here. Just grit your teeth, close your eyes and think of England! I'm past that stage, thank goodness. I gather route 280 is not much fun either. Have a great day. Love Helen

annaj said...

You must REALLY hate going to the doctor! I was shocked at some of the preferred activities!!

Megan said...

Um. Yes. And there really isn't much worse than being in that predicament and having small talk made about said doctor's kids who happen to be in your husband's ethics class and all that jazz...

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the list as carefully because I'm wondering why you wrote "OB". Is there something to that, or just the short version of OB/GYN? Mo ;)