Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peace Offering

When one finally does decide to do what one is told, it is apparently best to approach bearing gifts.
Sneaky Kid.
Didn't work.
Just convinced me even more that she needs Jesus.


Anonymous said...

How could you be cranky with such a face for long! But it's OK for me because I'm a Nanna and Nanna's get away with murder! Still praying for you from Down Under Becky. Glad you are friends with one of my most favourite families from here, Cath of Picket Fence. They moved to Brisbane then Sydney at the same time we moved to Tasmania. Love from Helen P.

BKicklighter said...

Helen - SO glad you commented. Was thinking of you yesterday and wondered if you had gotten bored with us and moved on :) Prayed for you and then. . . here you are. Didn't realize you know Cath - she is a dear and precious friend. Have a good night!

Anonymous said...

Becky, you are one of my favourite blogs. I go to you every day via Picket Fence and are usually rewarded by some fun entry, unlike from Cath, who is very parsimonious with her entries at times! Hint, hint. Keep up the entertainment Becky; you have a natural and wonderful way with words. Love from Helen