Friday, September 3, 2010

Never Thought I'd Say That

Bubba was putting together a new puzzle or something this week and when he got the piece to go in he said, "Garsh.  It fit."  I quickly reminded Bubs that we don't say "Gosh" but we say "Goodness" and he came right back at me with, "But Mater says 'garsh'."

My response? "Just because Mater says it doesn't mean we say it." 
Who would have ever thought that would come out of my mouth.  "Just because Mater says it. . ." 


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Julia said...

Okay...what is wrong with the word "gosh"? May I remind you Bubba was born in St. Louis and is a mid-westerner whether you like it or not. And as a born and bred mid-westerner we say gosh and sometimes we even say golly.