Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mas y Menos

I went to the bathroom in Home Depot.  I know that's personal and private, but it's important that you know so that I can share these observations with you:

1.  The ladies bathroom is probably the cleanest square footage in the entire store.  I cannot believe how clean it is.  A seriously clean bathroom (and I know bathrooms - just ask my family).

2.  The lock on the handicap stall in the women's bathroom at HOME DEPOT is misaligned and cannot lock.  Builds a lot of confidence doesn't it? The people who are helping you build whatever it is you are building. . . can't measure and drill to line up a lock. 

And this is why you keep coming back to The Blue Hutch.

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Julia said...

Everyday...I have to get my Blue Hutch fills a need for me.