Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clickin' Through

Have you ever been reading a blog and decided to click through on one of their links to another blog? Not just the ones in the sidebar (I'm sure that's how many of you got here).  Links in the sidebar are usually a bit predictable: mutual friend, shared interest, etc.  If you click through on the folks leaving comments it is like a box of chocolates. . . .

I did that this morning.  I was the blog of a family friend, Modobject at Home and marveling at her gorgeous photography (yet again).  I went to leave a comment and someone else's caught my eye.  In all honesty, I wondered if I knew her and I clicked through to see her profile.  I don't know her.  She's from Iowa.  I've never been to Iowa.  I kept reading and she has a list of 30+ blogs that she follows.  I found a couple names so intriguing that I have opened them in new tabs and can't wait to see what they are about.  Here's a few:

Fighting off Frumpy
My Real Life was Backordered (isn't that hilarious?)
What Would David Bowie Do?

Hysterical.  This might become habit forming.

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